Turn your consulting energy into coaching revenue

Turn Your Consulting Energy Into Coaching Revenue

One way coaches find new clients – and immediate success – is through already established channels that enable them to earn while building their brand from the ground up. Once you get certified in DISC Behavioral Analysis, you have the unique chance to start developing multiple streams of income with the application and expert knowledge of the PeopleKeys® DISC Personality System. While it may not lead to overnight success, there are strategies new Certified Behavioral Consultants, such as yourself, can work toward consistently for developing their businesses to become successful over time.

Here are 5 strategies to help you start capitalizing on your experience and DISC knowledge today:

1. Use every opportunity to promote yourself

The great thing about monetizing your marketing efforts is even if you don’t earn a significant amount of revenue initially, you are still building your brand, creating tools that can be used to promote your business on a consistent basis, and providing your clients with additional service offerings – some allowing you to be available even when you can’t physically be there in person. While I-type personalities tend to be the most comfortable when meeting new people, establishing a solid client-consultant relationship may be difficult for any persona in the early stages of consultancy. To be a successful coach doesn’t mean that you will just help others build their own businesses and strengthen operations. It also means you will be compensated for your time and efforts.

2. Recognize “time wasters”

In the beginning, it may be harder to form boundaries and recognize “time wasters” from serious clientele. While D-types may be better at deciphering the true intentions of the oncoming public, there is still that moment of awkwardness in drawing those boundaries, agreeing only to provide information in exchange for monetary compensation. Taking advantage of existing channels of monetization will allow you to quickly establish client-consultant relationships, respond only to serious inquiries, and weed out prospects based on preliminary advice you provide in the interim. Implementing this approach will not only expand your immediate reach with potential new customers but will also provide you with the ability to monetize your efforts more efficiently.

3. Utilzie pay-per-minute consultation service providers

A preferred method by many consultants today, especially if credentialed, is through per minute consultations by phone, chat, video, or email. Consultants set their own rates and can choose to be paid via check or daily direct deposit. Not only is this a great way to earn new clients in other regions of the world, but it is also a way to perfect your consultation tactics and other services offer.

4. Establish your expertise through a podcast or livestream

We are living in the days of livestreams. Whether you livestream to a social media site, such as Facebook or YouTube, or to a streaming device such as a Roku or Sirius/XM Radio, you have the ability to monetize your interactions with viewers. Some platforms, such as Patreon, make it easy for your viewers to provide financial support should they be engaged by the live stream content you provide. Many of them will want discounted advice, some will want recognition, and others will simply want to show their appreciation for your contribution to their future success.

Most livestreams come with the standard text-based chatroom, while others enable participants to interact face-to-face virtually before an audience. All livestreams allow for publication and most allow recorded content to become monetized. This is where future revenue can be made based on advertising to the site.

5. Form strategic partnerships

There are many different ways you can monetize your expertise. Some consultants find partnering with other brands to benefit their bottom line. They provide brand placement, advocacy, and positive reviews while earning money as a "brand ambassador" or partner of that brand. These brands also promote the consultant through sponsorship and cross-promotion. Strategic partnerships such as this can also provide prizes and incentives for live contests and giveaways, all of which will drive new audiences and create a "buzz" surrounding your social or livestream feeds.

Other effective ways to leverage new clientele, build your brand, and increase revenue:

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